High Current Load Module

50A High Current Load Module (HCLM rev3)


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The High Current Load Module allows discharging a battery at up to 50 Amperes and 60V. It works in conjunction with a load that you supply and a UBA5. Under control of the UBA it electronically connects and disconnects the load and measures and records the load current. For the load, you can use automotive lamps, power resistors or an active load. With the HLCM you can determine the capabilities of your battery under heavy load.

What’s Included:

  • HCLM module
  • Connectors
  • Software
  • Manual

You need only supply your own load.

Note, you can’t use the HLCM at the same time as the standard temperature probe set, as they both use the same port.

The HCLM comes with an accessory port that needs to be installed on your UBA. If you order a UBA5 with your HCLM then the accessory port will be pre-installed, otherwise you can install it yourself.

Introductory offer:

We have a limited number of HCLMs and have been too busy selling UBA5s to source an enclosure for them. You can use it as shown, find your own enclosure, or wait until later this year when we’ll have something (with an increase in price).

Get the latest Software Version and User Manual pdf on the Support Page