Tech Support

Technical support is just one phone call or email away.
All UBAs come with free lifetime technical support.
Contact us at: (416) 226-2628 or

Software Install & Upgrade

Latest UBA4 & UBA5 Version is 1.60B2 (July 19, 2015)

Upgrade from ver 1.10 or later:

(*If your UBA4 is black it’s RevB)
(For zip download: if you get “navigation to the webpage was canceled” when trying to view UBA.chm, then right click on .chm file and “unblock” it)
Please contact us with any bug reports or suggestions.

See the ChangeLog

User Manual


Reference Manuals

Calibration Manual
The UBA4/UBA5’s calibration should be checked once a year. You can send it back to us for calibration or this document explains how to do it yourself.

External Devices Manual
(updated Dec, 2013)
The UBA4/UBA5 has an external connector with analog inputs and digital outputs. This document explains how to use them for more advanced usage of your UBA4/UBA5.

Battery Wire Compensation Paper
(updated Dec, 2013)
The UBA4/UBA5 can compensate for the voltage drop due to the resistance of the battery leads. This paper explains how.

Support for Older Models

UBAI/II/III/IIIplus Support Page

System Requirements

You require a PC running Microsoft Windows (95 or later) with at least 20Meg free hard drive space and a free serial or USB port.
For 10 or more UBA5s we recommend a more recent PC with Win2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64bit) or Windows 8.
The software will also run under Linux using Wine (UBA application note #2).