Tech Support

Technical support is just one phone call or email away.
All UBA5s come with free lifetime technical support when purchased from an authorized dealer.
Contact us at: (416) 226-2628 or

Software Install & Upgrade

Latest UBA4 & UBA5 Version 1.80 (March 2, 2017)

Full Install: UBASetup1.80B3

Update Install:

Instructions: unzip and replace your UBA5.exe and UBA.chm with the enclosed files.

For the UBA.chm help file, if you get “navigation to the webpage was canceled” or a blank page  when viewing it, then right click on UBA.chm file, select Properties, and “unblock” it.

9MB download here: UBA5_1.80B3

Previous Version is 1.70B1 (July 10, 2016)

Full install setup:


or just download the executable and help file if you have ver 1.10 or later:

For zip download: if you get “navigation to the webpage was canceled” when trying to view UBA.chm, then right click on UBA.chm file and “unblock” it.

For old RevA UBA4s (grey in colour):

Download the above full install for the UBA5 and install it, then download the UBA4RevA executable and run it:

Please contact us with any bug reports or suggestions.

See the ChangeLog

User Manual


Reference Manuals

Calibration Manual
The UBA4/UBA5’s calibration should be checked once a year. You can send it back to us for calibration or this document explains how to do it yourself.

External Devices Manual
(updated Dec, 2013)
The UBA4/UBA5 has an external connector with analog inputs and digital outputs. This document explains how to use them for more advanced usage of your UBA4/UBA5.

Battery Wire Compensation Paper
(updated Dec, 2013)
The UBA4/UBA5 can compensate for the voltage drop due to the resistance of the battery leads. This paper explains how.

Support for Older Models

UBAI/II/III/IIIplus Support Page

System Requirements

You require a PC running Microsoft Windows (Win95 to Windows 10) with at least 20Meg free hard drive space and a free serial or USB port.
For 10 or more UBA5s we recommend a more recent PC with Win2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64bit) or Windows 8/10.
The software will also run under Linux using Wine (UBA application note #2).