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Running Under Linux

By December 29, 2014 June 7th, 2020 Application Notes

The current version of the UBA software is only designed to run on Microsoft Windows. It can be run on Linux using a free Windows compatibility program called Wine. This application note explains how.

UBA S/W running on Linux can be seen in this screen shot.


The Procedure
When we first wrote this application note back in 2003 there was a whole procedure that needed to be followed to get the UBA S/W to run.
Now thanks to the effort of the Wine developers, the S/W installs and runs without any problems. We used the latest version of Ubuntu (version 10) which loads Wine version 1.20.
So here’s the procedure: run the UBA S/W installer under Wine from a USB key, CD or download.
Follow the install instructions and you’re done.

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