Applications for the UBA5

Once you start using a UBA5 you will find that batteries are not that mysterious after all, and can be understood and qualified.

  • Fully charge and equalize your batteries.
  • Check the capacity of your batteries at different discharge rates.
  • Recondition your batteries which can restore capacity in NiCd, NiMH and lead acid chemistries.
  • Life test your batteries to see if they meet their rated life.
  • Test the operation of your battery chargers.
  • Be used in a battery monitoring program.

If you use batteries, you can benefit from the capabilities of the UBA5. Our customers have used the UBA5 to test batteries from button cells used in electronic wildlife tags in Alaska, to batteries in remote piloted planes that fly over hostile territory to batteries used in the space shuttle.

Contact us to discuss how the UBA5 can analyze your batteries and save you money.