Does the UBA come with software?

Yes, it comes with Windows software that will run on any PC with a serial or USB port

How does the UBA record the charge/discharge results?

The UBA software stores the battery voltages, where it also stores the discharge and charge times, and the battery capacity.

What time intervals are used in storing the battery test results?

You decide. It can be as small as one second or as long as one hour (or more).

What charging techniques do you use?

The UBA can quick charge, standard charge, peak charge, and constant voltage charge, all under software control. If you purchase the optional external temperature probe, it can also temperature charge!

How many charge/discharge cycles can be run on a pack?

Enough to wear out your pack! You can have the UBA run hundreds of cycles, all unattended. All the results from each cycle are stored on disk. You can then examine and print out all or any of the cycles.

I'm in Europe where we have 220V line voltage. Will your unit work here?

It sure can. All of the power supplies included with the UBA5 operate on line voltages from 100 to 240VAC.

What's Included with the UBA5?

The UBA5 complete set include:

  • A  serial and USB cable
  • 2 sets of battery cables
  • A comprehensive users manual, user friendly Windows software (Via email)
  • unlimited technical support.