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Running Under Linux

By 29/12/2014 June 7th, 2020 Application Notes

The current version of the UBA software is only designed to run on Microsoft Windows. It can be run on Linux using a free Windows compatibility program called Wine. This application note explains how.

UBA S/W running on Linux can be seen in this screen shot.


The Procedure
When we first wrote this application note back in 2003 there was a whole procedure that needed to be followed to get the UBA S/W to run.
Now thanks to the effort of the Wine developers, the S/W installs and runs without any problems. We used the latest version of Ubuntu (version 10) which loads Wine version 1.20.
So here’s the procedure: run the UBA S/W installer under Wine from a USB key, CD or download.
Follow the install instructions and you’re done.

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