About Vencon Technologies Inc.

Vencon Technologies was established in 1992 with the introduction of the UBAI/II battery analyzer – the first low cost PC controlled battery analyzer in the world. In spite of its limited capabilities, it was a run-away success. Two years later we introduced the UBAIII which more than doubled the performance of the UBAI/II. The next year, 1995, we introduced the UBAIIIplus which came with built-in networking. In 1998 came the UBA4. Since then, we’ve been adding accessories from a picoamp input amplifier (for an electrochemistry potentiostat) to a 1KW controller (for testing surgical instrument batteries).

Our latest UBA, the UBA5, more then doubles the load power of the UBA4. It’s 90W of discharge capability makes it even more versatile.

Vencon specializes in battery analysis, charging and reconditioning equipment. That’s all we do. Our battery analyzers are in use all over the world from the South Pole to Alaska. They are being used to test batteries in everything from medical equipment to remotely piloted aircraft to communication satellites.

Marc Venis B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., P.Eng., our president, has both a Bachelor and a Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Marc designed his first battery analyzer in 1981, for Mitel Corporation.