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Battery Expert Q&A

Battery Expert Q&A

Combining NiCd Battery Packs

The Question: Just sorting out my radio gear for my Pica 1/5 scale Mustang and discovered that I have two 600 mAh packs but not a 1200mAh pack like I want. Anyway I found some extra Y connectors and viola,…
February 3, 2013
Battery Expert Q&A

Storing NiCds

The Question: I purchased a Futaba FM fp-4NBF in July 95. I charged it to see how it worked and haven't touched it since then (I was busy with school and just graduated this month). I only had it on…
February 2, 2013
Battery Expert Q&A

Overdischarging a Cell

The Question: I have had similar experiences with two packs. Both were healthy packs (TX & RX) that were cycling to their factory rated capacity....until I left the switch on overnight. They wouldn't even take a charge after that! Red…
January 22, 2013