If you sell batteries, either directly, or installed in your equipment, you need to ensure that they meet spec. This is especially important if your buyers are selecting suppliers based on price. Even if you buy only from major battery suppliers you still need an incoming inspection program.

Failure to adequately QC new stock will result in unhappy customers with the resultant loss of repeat business. The UBA5 is ideal for incoming inspection of both primary and secondary batteries. Use it three different ways:

  • As a quick 10 second tester on all new batteries to catch defective ones.
  • As a capacity tester to test compliance with the spec.
  • As a life time tester to ensure that the batteries will perform to spec during their warranty period.

“I want to commend you on the functionality of your UBA tester; it has been extremely beneficial to me and my company. I have been able to do some creative and proprietary programs to achieve results that surpass those on my R&D Tester that cost tens of thousands of dollars.”

Kenneth Wilkerson
Testing Engineer
WaveCrest Energy Systems, U.S.A.

“Our battery business is booming and we’re using the 20 UBAs we bought from you at 100% duty cycle, and they are holding up and performing beautifully. Whenever somebody asks me for advice on buying a battery analyzer, I always recommend your unit over the Cadex C7000 series every time due to the increased flexibility and overall ease of use.”

Dale Curtis, Manager
Quality Assurance Dept.
Lenmar Enterprises, Inc. U.S.A.

“We received our UBA5 today and started using it immediately. We are very pleased with how it performs and how easy it was to set up and run. We were able to quickly characterize several lithium polymer packs. We will be using this equipment often, and might download the LabView drivers in the future. You have earned a new customer and we will not hesitate recommending your products.”

Juan J. Estevez
Product Assurance Engineer
Tyco Retail Solutions Florida, U.S.A.