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Storing NiCds

By 02/02/2013 June 4th, 2020 Battery Expert Q&A

The Question:

I purchased a Futaba FM fp-4NBF in July 95. I charged it to see how it worked and haven’t touched it since then (I was busy with school and just graduated this month). I only had it on to check the transmitter and servos for probably less than 10 minutes. What should I do to store it until needed (probably less than a year)? Did I mess it up by charging it up for the first time and not discharging it for 5 months?

Red Scholefield replies:

You have done nothing to harm the batteries assuming you didn’t store the transmitter in the trunk of your car in Arizona. I would recommend 1 cycle on the packs before you go to fly if to no more than to get a base line on the capacity. For long term storage I would recommend that the pack be removed and stored in the refrige. Not real easy on the 4NBF as you have to remove the back and unplug the pack from the jack next to the switch and then snake out the wires past the charge jack.