For those more advanced testing requirements where you want millisecond control over the load and charger, we offer the Microsequencer. The Microsequencer gives you direct control of the UBA5’s built in load and charger down to 4mS resolution.

For the example below, the customer wanted the following load and charge profile which simulates the load of their wireless transmitter with a short charge pulse recharge.

0 to 15mS: 100mA load
15mS to 25mS: 500mA load
25mS to 100mS: 50mA load
200mS to 205mS: 1A charge

The load current and battery voltage is sample during the 500mA load pulse.

The Microsequencer routine is repeated 10 times, once every 500mS. It can be placed inside a Battery Anaysis Routine (BAR) so that further testing can be done on the battery and the Microsequencer routine can be repeated.