Relay Modules

Relays allow your UBA5 to control higher current loads (such as an electronic load or resistor bank), higher current charging (such as a high current power supply) or external devices (such as a temperature chamber).

We offer a few different options depending on your requirements.

Battery Testing Relay Controlling an External Load

All version come with two temperature probes that you can use to monitor your battery’s temperature or the ambient temperature (or both).

Dual low current built-in relay (4A/60V or 6A/40V)

This is set of two independent electronic relays installed inside your UBA5.  We offer two versions: a 4A 60V and a 6A 40V.  This relays works well with our higher voltage UBA5s, either the UBA5-44V or UBA5-60V model.  For example, if you have a 48V battery and want to test it at 4A (200W) then this relay and a 200W resistor will allow you to.

Or you are life cycle testing a USB power bank.  You can use your UBA5 to load the power bank, but you can’t use it to charge it as the power bank has uses a separate charge input.  But you can use a USB charger and control it with this relay.

Dual medium current relay (16A 30VDC or 250VAC)

This is a set of two independent mechanical relays contained in an external enclosure.  Similar to above relays, but allow higher bidirectional current and control of AC power.  Not only can it be used to increase the load and charge current limits of the UBA5, but it can also be used to turn a temperature chamber on or off or to control a lamp to signal an operator.

More information: Medium current relay

Dual high current relay (50A 30VDC)

This is a set of two independent high current mechanical relays. Use these relays for testing your batteries at high currents.  Battery testing at high current usually involves expensive analyzers, but with the UBA5 and these high current relays you can do your high current testing on a budget.


  • Load not included
  • Due to the high current, relays are not in an enclosure so that you can mount them close to the battery and load
  • If you want both relays to be on at the same time then the UBA5 needs to be powered by a power supply 19V or lower.

More information: High current relay

Dual high current electronic relays (100A 60VDC)

This is a set of two independent very high current electronic relays.  Use these when you want even higher current then the 50A relays, need higher voltage or need both of them on at the same time.


  • Load not included
  • Due to the high current, relays are not in an enclosure so that you can mount them close to the battery and load
  • They come with a heat sink, but for high current operation will require either forced air cooling (i.e. a fan) or larger heat sink.

Dual relay driver – no relays

Use your own relays with this driver.  Each relay driver output is 12V with a maximum of 150mA (guaranteed up to 50mA per output, higher then that and it depends on the power supply powering the UBA5).