Banana Safety Plug Set


Set of four Safety Banana Plugs, 26cm in length, with 12AWG silicone wire.

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The Banana Safety Plug Set are banana plugs that fit the UBA5’s battery input, but have a spring loaded sleeve that slides over the the banana plug when not in use, preventing them from shorting.  Our standard set is ideal for soldering either directly to your battery or to your battery holder.  Soldering directly to battery tabs is the recommended method for multiple cycle testing as it removes any issues from poor battery connections.

This set comes with heavy 12 AWG wire so that voltage drop is negligible.  The set consists of four banana plugs with leads, each one 265mm long (10.5″).

Longer leads and different attachments (i.e. alligator clips or banana jacks for extending and making safe standard UBA5 alligator wires) are available.  We’d be glad to quote you.