UBAI/II/III/IIIplus Support

Windows Software (UBAIIIplus Only)

If you don’t have the Windows version of the UBA Software then please contact us, include your UBAIIIplus’s serial number.
If you have UBA Console then you can get the latest version by selecting Help|Get Latest News

UBA DOS Software

UBAIIIplus version 4.05
UBAIII version 4.05 For upgrade registered users only
UBAI/II version 1.50 New printer driver
UBAI/II version 1.21
util.zip : utilities for all DOS UBA users, includes:
stripuba.exe: strips comments off of UBA result files
setcom.exe : writes to COM port addresses to BIOS RAM.
ubawin.zip : PIF, ICON, and instructions for running your UBA under windows.

Applications Notes for UBAIIIplus DOS S/W

Do-it-Yourself External Discharging
Do-it-Yourself High Current Charging

UBAIII/UBAIIIplus DOS Version Features

Version 4.05

Internal resistance measurements.
Year 2000 compliant.
UBAIII works on fast computers under Windows (UBAIIIplus always did).

Version 4.01

UBA can now address any interrupt on any port

Version 4.00

Inflection charging
Colour printing
Remote switch (see application note)

The files from this pages are provided in a ZIP compressed format. If you do not already have the capability of uncompressing these files, please visit www.winzip.com