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Try our Demo S/W with simulated UBA5

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  • February 24, 2017

You can now download  UBA5Demo the “no install” version of the UBA S/W that includes a simulated UBA5!

After downloading, unzip the file (right click and choose Extract All …) then run UBA5.exe.

This is the actual latest version of the UBA5 S/W and it works without a UBA5 by simulating the operation of a  UBA5 connected to a super capacitor.

The UBA5 help file, UBA.chm, is included.  If you get “navigation to the webpage was canceled” or a blank page  when viewing it, then right click on it, select Properties, and “unblock” it.

UBA5.exe doesn’t install any files on your PC, and when you exit it, it erases any data it stored on the Windows Registry.